Renaissance Cars Inc. / Zebra Motors Inc.

In early 1996, Renaissance Cars Inc. went into receivership and it's assets were auctioned off. The majority of the assets, along with the design and production rights to the Tropica were sold to a group of Renaissance Cars investors who founded Zebra Motors.

They were working to produce an improved model for 1997 production called the "Model Z" which should have sold for under $20,000.

They struggled for many years, creating new brochures (Pg1, Pg2, Pg3, & Pg4), several new design ideas like a panel van & SUV, selling stock in the new company, as well as re-thinking some of the ways EVs could be viewed.

During this time, they recieved investments from some notables including famed actor "Don Johnson" who featured a "Zebra" on his CBS TV show " href="">Nash Bridges" as driven by

Then the assets were sold to another bunch of investors, who then re-branded the company as Xebra Motors.

And finally the assets were sold at auction and the company vanished...

There are still Tropicas/Zebras on the road and there is a mailing list devoted to the car at

NOTE:The phone numbers listed for Renaissance on this site are no longer active.
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