[DANCING ZEBRA] Scott's Tropica/Zebra Page

I am now the owner of Tropica/Zebra #13, and it was first licensed in California as [3PSE608].
But it is now licensed as [NO GAS]

And that in itself is a story.

Well, Renaissance Cars is dead. But Zebra Motors Inc. has taken the original design of this truly wonderful car and has managed to complete and improve it.

[Zebra BACK/RIGHT] Pictures and Description of My first test drive of the Roadster!

[Zebra FRONT] Video & Photos of the Tropica/Zebra

[Zebra FRONT/RIGHT] Things that I LOVE about my car

[Card Cage] Things that I am not so thrilled about my car

[Cord Socket] The Specifications & Changes I've made to my Tropica/Zebra

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