The Things that I'm not too thrilled about

The car has alot of creaks and noises. I'm working on quieting them.

The car is missing some trim pieces. Like wheel well trim, and flange trim.

The car has a card cage that sits underneath the dash in front of the passenger. This needs to be re-designed to be a single card, not 6 cards in a card cage.

The trunk release, car stereo, headlights, turn signals all operate without the key. I'll have to move these to the accessory power. - DONE (except the lights & stuff, which I changed my mind on.)

And like all EVs, I want more, more, more. So, I'm working with Ron Larera of San Diego Electric Automobile to add an additional 12-24 volts of batteries to the car. Looks like there is room in the nose.

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